Young Guru rips apart Timbaland AI music plans

Young Guru rips apart Timbaland AI music plans

Young Guru is unhappy over Timbaland going forward with his “dangerous” AI plans for music.

Jay-Z’s audio engineer shared his views on Instagram about the producer’s AI music vision.

“@Timbaland I love you my brother. You know I do. But this ain’t it!!!” he wrote. “This is dangerous and at a basic level it’s corny!! I will be on the side of the luddites.”

The response stemmed from Give It To Me singer interview with Forbes, where he aired his plans to start a startup that would “commercialize artificial intelligence software” with the goal of “revolutionizing how songs are made.”

“It’s going to really be a new way of creating and a new way of generating money with less costs,” he continued. “I’m already here. This is what I’m doing. I’m going to lead the way.”

Moreover, the 49-year-old is vehemently opposed to the use of AI technology in music.

Recently, Kendrick Lamar’s fake AI song went viral on the internet.

“This has dominated my Howard group chat for a couple days, the engineer explained. Ok I’m at the point where I can voice my concerns with our current state of AI. I have followed as many versions of what AI could do for some years now.

“I didn’t think we would get here this fast with the voice. Of course my mind goes to the ethical and legal aspects of what can be done with programs like Tacotron 2. You add that to the power of ChatGPT and you realize we are in a very groundbreaking but dangerous moment. It’s not the tech, it’s the evil that men do with the tech,” he added.

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