Your allergy symptoms may be worse this year

DENVER (KDVR) — With allergy season in full swing, you may notice harsher than usual allergy symptoms.

Experts say snow melt from this spring helped amp up allergies, and recent rainy weather could be aggravating symptoms as well.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, raindrops can break up pollen clumps, creating smaller particles that disperse into the air quicker. 

“Don’t be out in the yard when it’s really windy, you’re just going to have more exposure,” Dr. Mark Mantano, the Medical Dir. of Care Now Urgent Care said.

Montano says that studies show allergy season is getting worse overall, in part, due to climate change. He said if you have to be outside when your allergies are acting up, change clothes once getting indoors.

For problematic symptoms, over-the-counter medicines and consulting an allergist are additional options.

Extra ways you can limit allergies

There are a few ways to limit your exposure to allergies and help ease symptoms.

For example, you can keep the windows closed in your car and set the air conditioning to not take in air from the outside. On days with a high pollen count, you can close your windows at home and insulate your indoor environment.

“Washing your hands can often help you prevent transferring allergens from your hands to your nose and mouth,” Dr. Flavia Hoyte, allergist and immunologist at National Jewish Health, said.

How to check the air quality

You can actually check the current Air Quality Index for Denver and see the air quality forecast across Colorado on the FOX31 website.

The official data is provided by AirNow and the EPA.

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