Bebe Rexha discusses her body changes after polycystic ovary syndrome

During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Bebe Rexha candidly discussed her journey with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder that resulted in a significant weight gain exceeding 30 pounds. 

In response to criticism from fans regarding her changing physique, she used the platform to shed light on the widespread prevalence of PCOS among women and its correlation with weight gain and obesity.

“I went to the doctor last year — and a lot of women actually have this, and they don’t know about it — but they diagnosed [me] with PCOS, which is polycystic ovary syndrome,” Rexha said.

“I literally jumped, like, 30 pounds so quickly, maybe a little bit more. But we gotta just be positive and just show people love,” she continued.

Acknowledging the nature of being in the public eye, the 34-year-old singer, also known as Bleta Rexha, expressed her frustration with TikTok users who commented on her weight. She emphasized that weight fluctuations are a natural part of life and wished that people would stop fixating on them.

Despite understanding that criticism is inevitable, Rexha believes that in 2023, discussing someone’s weight should no longer be a topic of concern.

“You don’t know what somebody’s going through, what they’re going through in their life, so it kind of is tough. But I feel like we’re in 2023 … we should not be talking about people’s weight,” she added.

Rexha has been vocal about her struggles with body image in the past, confessing her feelings of embarrassment and discomfort with her own body after indulging during the holidays. Overcoming those challenges, she regained her confidence and encouraged her fans to embrace and normalize women weighing 165 pounds in a subsequent video, where she appeared in lingerie.

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