Jason Momoa Reveals Giving Some Crazy Inputs To Make His Character Stand Out, “It’s My Lack Of Acting Skills Where I Really Need Their Help”

Fast X: Jason Momoa Came Up With The Idea For The Quirks Of Dante Reyes (Picture Credit: Instagram)

The Fast and Furious family added Jason Momoa to its cast, and the actor stood up to its expectation. As his portrayal of the villain Reyes Dante has been lauded by the audiences, the actor recently spoke about the wackiness and persona he brings to his character through his dressing style. While the movie has mixed reviews for its storyline and anti-gravity-defying stunts, everyone admits it was Momoa’s antagonist who kept us hooked throughout the film.

Fans seem to agree that Momoa as a villain, Reyes stole the bloated sequel as there were a lot of wacky things which also made him compared with DC’s villain Joker. From his introduction to his last scene in the movie, every time he appears on the screen, he owns the scene. His fashion statement gave tough competition to his character as the actor himself came up with some of the ideas about Reyes. Read on to find out more about it!

During a conversation with Screenrant, Jason Momoa jokingly admitted that he used the props as he lacked acting skills. While we saw Dante being all flashy, who loves purple, paints his henchmen’s nails (dead people), wears scrunchies and looks like a giant Barbie doll, the actor said, “I really weigh heavily on wardrobe and props. It’s my lack of acting skills where I really need their help. I really built a lot of this wardrobe with obviously a costume designer, but just had a lot of ideas, what I wanted.”

The Aquaman actor accepted that it was his idea to have a lavender car in the movie. As the producer was not in favour of having the car of the preferred colour, Jason Momoa had to convince him as his mother absolutely despised that colour, and he adored that colour. “I call it Yaya Lavender and then just have all my nails done that way. So I’m excited for her to see me in full pinks and purples, and it will just make her cringe. So that gives me a lot of joy,” said the actor.

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