Priya Ahuja SLAMS Asit Modi, Claims Show’s Stars ‘Go Through Mental Harassment’ While Working

Last Updated: May 22, 2023, 11:18 IST

Priya Ahuja Went Through ‘Mental Difficulties’ While Working In TMKOC

Priya Ahuja opened up about being discarded from TMKOC sets. Slams Asit Modi’s comments.

Priya Ahuja, known for her portrayal of Rita Reporter in the much-loved show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, recently spoke about the working conditions on the sets and also revealed that the actors are ‘really treated in an unfair manner’. Priya added that the actors also ‘go through mental harassment’.

In an interview with ETimes, the actress shared, “Yes the artists have to go through mental harassment when they work on Taarak Mehta. Kaafi hota hai… mentally I’ve also gone through difficulties while working there but it didn’t affect me much maybe because Malav, my husband who was the director of the show for 14 years, he was earning.”

She added that since her husband Malav Raida was the show’s writer for 14 years, she had the benefit of not having a contract and had the liberty to work outside too. “One benefit I had of working there was since I didn’t have a contract I was never stopped from working outside”. She shared, “Asit Kumarr Modi bhai, Sohil Ramani or Jatin Bajaj (he’s like my younger brother) never misbehaved with me.”

The actress shared that things did change post her wedding and after her pregnancy. “But as far as work is concerned I’ve been subjected to unfair treatment. After I got married to Malav they reduced my track. It was no longer how it used to be. I’ve been clueless about my track in the show after pregnancy and when Malav left the show.”

The actress shared that Asit Bhai used to pass sexist remarks. “Arre Malav is earning then why do you have to worry? You enjoy life like a queen,” she revealed. “I messaged Asit bhai so many times asking him about my track in the show but there has been no response. I’m an individual and I did not get this show because I was Malav’s wife. I was a part of this show before I got married to Malav. I never got a proper response. Malav was shooting and I was also working on some or the other thing it wasn’t affecting me financially, so I never bothered to speak.” 

The actress shared, “When I wasn’t married I would shoot for 6/7 days in a month and I was told in the beginning only that my track will be that much. I sometimes wonder if I am a director’s wife who worked with them for 14 years and they never gave me the basic respect”.

She added, “So, now the people who are coming out and speaking like Monika Bhadoriya are not wrong I feel. Because they never respected me to at least reply to my messages and queries. Mujhe aap ne 9 months se show par nahi bulaya because your relationship with Malav ended and aapne uske baad mujhe makkhi ki tarah Nikal ke phek diya…”

Recently, Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal called the TMKOC sets a ‘male chauvinistic’ place to work and Priya also had the same thought. She stated, “Yes, it is 100 percent there. The male chauvinistic attitude on Taarak sets. I’m shocked that Mandar spoke all this because Mandar and Jennifer are very good friends. In fact, their families are also friends. I’m really amazed why Mandar has been saying all this.” Former Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah actress Monika Bhadoriya also left everyone shocked when she accused the maker Asit Kumarr Modi of ‘misbehaving’ on sets. 

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