K-pop group Aespa’s Karina surprises rapper Young Ji with thoughtful gesture

Young Ji and the crew were all visibly touched by the gesture

K-pop group Aespa’s Karina appeared as a guest on the drinking show named My Alchohol Diary hosted by rapper Kim Young Ji. While on the episode, the idol surprised the host and the staff with a thoughtful gesture.

When Karina entered the room, Young Ji couldn’t hide her surprise at her visuals and asked to keep her bag aside. “Why don’t you hand me your bag? You’re holding a bag bigger than you.”

However, she refused the offer, saying she had a gift for her. She revealed the box and admitted that it wasn’t what she thought it would be when buying it but she hoped that the host would appreciate it regardless. “Yes. Wait, wait. It’s not really a special gift I bought this because I thought it was a camera. But it’s for making bubbles. I thought you’d like it.”

She then revealed that she also brought presents for the staff members which elicited a gasp from the crew behind the camera. She pulled out several products, which she explained she uses herself as well. “They are cuticle removers. I also use this. Hope I brought the right amount.”

Young Ji and the crew were all visibly touched by the gesture and the former joked that Karina was going to steal her spot as host.

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