Kate Moss’ Sister Lottie Moss Says She Chose To Become OnlyFans Model, Opens Up About Feeling Discouraged By Comparisons With Her Sister

Why Lottie Moss Joined OnlyFans: “I Was Never Going To Be Like Kate”(Photo Credit: Bang Showbiz)

Lottie Moss joined OnlyFans because she finds it “more comfortable” than traditional modelling.

The 25-year-old star is the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, 49, and while she had begun a career on the catwalk herself, she has relocated to LA and has a platform on the adults-only subscription platform where she takes X-rated pictures of herself with the help of her friends.

Speaking on the ‘Headstrong’ podcast, she said: “In my mind and internally I’ve been ­tackling feeling not good enough, not pretty enough, not a model — but that I should be doing better than OnlyFans. I felt like I could never do ­anything right. When I was doing modelling I had tons of comments from people saying, ‘You don’t deserve this — you’re never going to be Kate. Give up’. And I started to believe it. People have ­comments like saying I can only do OnlyFans now and I’m like, ‘No, I chose to do that, I quit’. The modelling world is creepy, 30-year-old men taking ­pictures of 16-year-olds. OnlyFans is my friends taking pics of me and I feel comfortable.”

Lottie Moss went on to add that she has met someone who she “clicked with” after relocating to LA as she noted that she felt as if she had to “hide” her true demeanour in London and felt “liberated” by getting drunk and taking naked pictures of herself.

She said: “I met someone who I clicked with in LA, who did it. I hid my true personality in London. We’re so similar, people pleasers and we cover up social anxiety by being outgoing. We got drunk, and shot n*ked, and I felt very liberated doing it. I’m a very s*xual person.”

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