Michelle Yeoh reflects on Hollywood’s evolution in empowering women

Michelle Yeoh reflects on Hollywood’s evolution in empowering women

Michelle Yeoh, the Academy Award-winning star of Everything Everywhere All At Once, had the opportunity to contemplate the progress of women’s opportunities in Hollywood during the Women in Motion Award ceremony in Cannes. 

She expressed her observation, stating, “I have witnessed the shifts throughout my entire career, and I am currently witnessing the changing tides.”

During the event, Yeoh, who recently received a Golden Globe and SAG Award, was presented with the Women in Motion Award. 

Esteemed guests in attendance included Leonardo DiCaprio, Isabelle Hupert, Rebel Wilson, Alfonso Cuaron, Salma Hayek, jury president Ruben Östlund, jury members Paul Dano and Brie Larson, President of the Festival de Cannes Iris Knobloch, and Festival de Cannes Director Thierry Frémaux. 

In her speech, Yeoh addressed the historical exclusion of women from significant rooms and conversations, emphasizing that the time for change has arrived. 

Drawing inspiration from Virginia Woolf’s words, she proclaimed, “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that can confine the freedom of my mind.”

Yeoh emphasized the limitless potential of women’s ideas and their boundless passion, asserting their determination to break down barriers.

Yeoh also acknowledged the influential characters she has portrayed throughout her career, such as Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies, Yu Shu Lien from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Evelyn Wang from Everything Everywhere All at Once

Concluding her acceptance speech, which adds to the collection of numerous speeches she has delivered over the past year and a half, Yeoh looked toward the future of women’s opportunities in film. 

“We have a long way to go before achieving true equality,” She added.

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