Ravi Basrur Gives Background Score For Malayalam Film Picasso

Ravi Basrur gave BGM for the KGF franchise.

Ravi Basrur is awaiting the release of his upcoming film, Kadal.

Music composer Ravi Basrur is one of the most popular composers in the South Indian film industry. He is known for his scintillating work on the KGF franchise, which shook the whole nation. Apart from being a stellar composer, he is also a fine filmmaker. He has directed films like Garagar Mandala, Kataka, and Girmit. Currently, he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film, Kadal.

Now it has been reported that the famous music composer has worked on a Malayalam film. Ravi has provided background music for the upcoming Malayalam film, Picasso. This marks the music director’s first experience in Malayalam film. Recently, the trailer for the film was also released, and it has received a good response from the audience.

The film stars Siddharth Rajan, Amrita Saju, Ashish Gandhi, Jafar Idukki, Santhosh Keeshatur, Charlie Joe, Sarath, Anu Nair, Leo Tharakan, Aruna Narayanan, Rajesh Sharma, Surjith, Anand Kumar, Charlie, Ajai Vasudev, Jinu Kottayam, and others in prominent roles.

The film is directed by Sunil Karriattukara and produced by Najila B. The story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by EH Sabeer, while the cinematography of the film is done by Shaan P Rahman.

Ravi Basrur’s Kadal is all set to release on May 19. The film is said to be an emotional drama. Ravi has revealed that the film will only have private screenings, and the composer has posted about this on his Youtube channel, where he has explained the tactic. Ravi has also released three songs and a teaser for the film.

Recently, the producer of the film, NS Rajkumar, said, “Releasing the film across the state has been the norm, which has become expensive. Instead, we have been selective about the places where we want to release, and the first screening will be in Kundapura on May 19. The ticket is priced at Rs 1000/-, which will be for the entire family who can come and watch the film.”

The film is an emotionally charged father-son story and stars Saurabh Bhandari and Chirashree Anchan as the lead.

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