Rebel Wilson lands ‘James Bond’ audition

Rebel Wilson lands ‘James Bond’ audition

Rebel Wilson is making 007 fans all excited as she revealed to audition for the next highly-anticipated James Bond film.

In a chat with Variety, the Senior Year star said that her BAFTA Film Awards 2022 anchoring paved her way to land the auditions in the coveted franchise as she contacted the producers to clear a planned series of jokes.

“What was really cool was getting to audition for Bond,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Australian actor remained mum over the status of the role, but she clarified it was not for the main lead.

Previously, the 43-year-old cracked a joke that she bagged a role in the next 007 movie at BAFTA Film Awards 2022.

“Bond is turning 60 and his girlfriend is turning 25,” Wilson cheekily said. “I know there’s speculation in the audience it might be them, [during which the camera spanned to Pam & Tommy’s Sebastian Stan and Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya].

“Boys, hold on to your martinis, this is a scoop, the Broccoli’s said I could announce it, OK. I’m proud to announce that the new James Bond will be me.”

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