When Paul Walker Wanted His Fast & Furious Character To Be Killed In The 2nd Film Itself, Recalled Director Justin Lin’s Response By Saying “He Says It’s Not Going To Happen”

Paul Walker Did Not Want To Continue His Fast & Furious Character After Second Movie(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Late actor Paul Walker was one of the most essential members of the Fast and Furious family. While his sudden demise shocked the entire world, it was a hard time for the cast of the movies. Being the face of the movie, it was a big task for the makers to bring his character in the 2015 film Furious 7. However, his character was brought with the help of CGI, but many would not know that the actor wasn’t originally planning on being in the franchise for long.

While no one imagined the franchise would go on for so long, there was a point when Walker wanted out of the Fast and Furious family. He even requested that his character be killed off early in the saga as the franchise’s evolution began. The actor was not sure that the franchise would exist after the second movie, but it seemed like fate had other plans. Read on to find out more about he wanted to leave the franchise and what kept him going!

During a conversation with Collider, Paul Walker once shared how he thought Fast and Furious movies were done. It was Vin’s persuasion that kept him coming back for the movie, as he said, “I thought we were done the 2nd, and the 3rd one kind of came around, and this time it was Vin Diesel calling up going, ‘Hey, let’s make one more.’ I think Vin wants to make a 5th, but yeah, I just keep coming back for more.”

The actor even had a conversation with the previous director Justin Lin to kill off his character as he said, “I actually told Justin at one point that I wanted to die”. As the director denied the request, the actor revealed, “He says it’s not going to happen.” Walker answered whether he was stuck around the contractual reasons, he simply wanted to make smaller films.

While Paul Walker is resting in peace, his legacy is continued as the Fast and Furious movie is in its final chapter. Let us know what do you think about it and for more stories, stay tuned to Koimoi.com

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